Ah, I love random photos!  They get my creative juices flowing.  For example, this photo from pbase.com of a bunch of spoons in a glass and cooking utensils.  At first glance, they appear to be normal everyday household items but to the trained eye they are a story waiting to happen.  Take for instance the blue slotted spatula or Old Blue as we will call him.  Old Blue once lived an exciting life in a test kitchen for a well-known magazine publication.  Old Blue witnessed first hand (ha!) recipes coming together from skilled artisans who would change the sport of cooking.  Old Blue was seen as faithful and he always got the job done until a new chef demanded matching cookware and utensils.  Old Blue was cast out with yesterday’s garbage without a second thought.  As luck would have it, there was a slight tear in the trash bag that held Old Blue captive.  He wiggled until he was free and hurled himself with all his might!  Old Blue found himself along side a very busy highway.  Without legs and without humans finding out that inanimate objects were actually animate Old Blue found himself in a bit of a pickle.  When traffic would subside Blue would quickly roll away from the busy road to the grassy knoll.  With no particular destination Blue kept on going this way until he reached a roaring creek.  Luckily for Blue, it rained earlier that day flooding local creeks with excess waters.  This allowed Blue to jump in and go white water rafting!  For days Blue rode on the water until he comes to a stop in what some may describe as a fishing hole.  Blue slowly drags himself from the water to the banks of the creek.  Old Blue decides he’s earned a rest and drifts off to a cozy sleep.   Much time passes since Blue hasn’t slept in days in fear he would meet his death in the creek so he is painfully tired.  Suddenly, Blue can feel himself being picked up and turned round and round.

“Look here, Carl!  I found a perfectly good spatula laying next to this crick.  Who would throw something like this away?!  I just don’t understand people,” says a graying older woman.

“Stella put that down!  For all you know someone may have used it to kill someone!”

“Oh Carl, what they do with it?  Smack ’em death?  Please, stop acting so damn ignorant.”

“I’m telling you Stella someone threw it away for a reason.”  Carl threw his hands up in exasperation and continued walking uphill.  Stella stood there for a moment longer thinking over the reasons why someone would throw a perfectly good spatula away. At once she shook her head and placed Old Blue into her over-sized pleather purse.

“I just can’t go on a way wasting.  I will put you to good use once again my friend,” Stella tells Old Blue in a manner in which he believes will happen.  After a short car ride home Stella and Carl arrive at their home.  Stella decides that Old Blue really needs a good scrubbing and ride in the dishwasher.  Old Blue is just so beside himself.

“Just think!  I get to be held again!  I get to see good food become great food!  I get to be me again!”  All through the wash Old Blue can’t help but mull all the possibilities over.  After the dishwasher completes its run Stella dries Old Blue and places him in her crock of cooking utensils.

“Well look here guys, we’ve got company!”  The whisk exclaims in sheer excitement.  After an exchange of salutations Old Blue knows that he has found a home amongst good utensils and can’t wait for what comes!


About ashpuff

Mother of one lovely son. Engaged to Bill and loving it.
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